What to pack?

Check List: The camper shall bring ONLY TWO items: one sleeping bag and one carry-on baggage OR
back pack. The carry-on baggage or back pack shall not exceed 22″ x14″ x 9〞in dimension and 7kg in weight.
The carry-on baggage OR back pack should have the following camp essentials:
學員只能攜帶一個睡袋及一件小行李或背包上山   (大小不超過22″ x14″ ;x9″ ;,重量不超過7公斤),
□ Sleeping Bag with small Pillow  睡袋與枕頭
□ Backpack  背包
□ Toiletries, Face towel 盥洗用具
□ Bath Towel  浴巾
□ Chapsticks/Lip Balm, Body Lotion 護唇膏 乳液
□ Flash light 手電筒
□ Water bottle for refilling drinking water 水壺
□ Underwear and socks (for 3 days use) 內衣褲及襪子(三天份)
□ Pajamas 睡衣
□ Hat or cap, Sunscreen Lotion 遮陽帽 防曬乳液
□ Long pants – 2 pairs 長褲2件
□ Swim wear, swim towel 游泳衣褲 泳巾
□ Jacket or coat 夾克或外套1 件
□ One pair of slipper 拖鞋1雙
□ Medication (Parent must provide written medication instruction to the nurse during check-in. )
SCCCS will issue two team uniform T-shirts to be worn during daily activities. 夏令營將分發給每位學員T恤 制服兩件。
The camper must learn how to hand wash his or her own clothes every day. 學員每天必須練習手洗自己的衣服。