Chinese Cultural Youth Summer Camp

Download the 2018-summercamp-check-in-information

Check-in & Dismissal Location 報到 /解散地點

Cultural Center of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO)


9443 Telstar Ave. El Monte, CA 91731

Check-in time 報到時間


Dismissal/ 解散時間

〈週六〉3:30PM – 4:00PM

Check our Facebook for ETA. You must pick up your child before 4:30 p.m. on last day of camp at TECO. We will not be responsible for your child
after the dismissal.

Check-in procedure 報到程序

Camper shall report to team chaperone and counselor. Camper will receive two T-Shirts uniforms, team orientation.
After the Opening Ceremony, we will depart to campsite via Chartered buses.
In case the camper cannot report in time, parents must notify camp director and are responsible for transporting
camper to the campsite and report to chaperone at the campsite. Parents shall be responsible for notifying the
chaperone and counselor for late reporting immediately. No credit or refunds will be given.



Camp has little/no Wi-Fi Service. Please do not call unless it’s an emergency.
YMCA Campsite EMERGENCY contact number: 909-585-2020
營區緊急聯絡電話 Please indicate the call is for 2018 SCCCS Summer Camp Director